Dutch producer Reggy Van Oers has released one of the most beautiful albums of 2016 – Taciturn Manner. Furthermore, he’s coming to play a DJ set this Friday at Pelėda club.
Do we need more reasons to chat with this guys?

Hello Reggy, how busy is your schedule at the moment?
I have just moved to Barcelona almost 2 weeks ago. There’s a lot to be arranged in a rather short time so I’m busy doing these things.
Musically speaking… I’m working on my album next to some releases that will be out just before and after summer. This week Affinity 2 has been released on Affin, a collaborative project between Deepbass, Joachim Spieth and myself. I will be playing the coming months in Vilnius (obviously), Beirut, Berlin, Madrid, London, Los Angeles and Paris. These dates are just before summer and I’m looking very much forward to them.
Next to this I will be recording an album during the summer months with a project I’m part of.

I’ve read that you listen to a lot of jazz and classical music. What are your favorite artists/composers in those genres and in what way they inspire you?
While favorite artists and producers in these genres change over time I’m fascinated by several factors that remain developing my interest. In jazz for example I really enjoy the more experimental approach and improvisations. The freedom to create new patterns and tonal features on the spot for me is amazing to discover. The impact of layered instruments causing a richness and “a space” full of details, is what I like in classical and cinematic music. These are exactly the signatures that inspire me to apply in my own productions. What do you want to say? and moreover… how do you want to say it? This is what I always have in mind while recording. The influences of both genres helped me a lot on these points.

Your Taciturn Manner album is absolutely amazing. Why did you chose to release it on your own label but not on your long time collaborative Affin or TGP labels?
Taciturn Manner is a very personal album for me because of the story behind it. This is the reason why the only option was to release it on my own label, Telemorph!

A lot of artist (like Claudio PRC, Luigi Tozzi) are releasing slower, deeper and more contemplative albums comparing to what they play during their DJ sets. It has almost become a rule. It is understandable that people in a club are much more willing to dance than to stare at the ceiling, but… Where this trend to go deeper with albums come from and what is are the reason/motif for doing it this way in your opinion?
Everybody has his own motif of course, depending on your goal I guess. I can only say that for me it was very natural to have done it like it is. It is just an extension of the music I was writing before. The focus on details and organic recordings already sends out a different message.

By the way, the Taciturn Manner title speaks for itself. Would you describe yourself as an introvert person?
Not really… but I have noticed that I perceive certain occasions in life in a different way than I used to. The way of recording music and the evolution in this process made me more aware of this for sure.

How does the process of composing and producing music differ when you are alone and together with UNC, Claudio PRC, or Trinity? Are you exchanging ideas via e-mails or sitting together at the mixing desk?
When I’m working alone I know what I want to say and more occupied with how I’m going say it. When I’m working with my dear friend UNC (Pier Alfeo) it is way more challenging to react on each other on that very moment. In this case especially as we are two complete different persons. His way of working is so inspiring and at the same time very unpredictable. The result of the recordings because of that is just something I couldn’t have thought of at the start.

Netherlands are somehow famous for trance DJs like Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten… Meanwhile decent act like Conforce or RVO are getting significantly less attention. How would you explain such injustice?
These are two opposites in every way possible I think. The marketing behind it is done in a very different way, with another budget to go with it. Media coverage on everything that happens and is completely irrelevant. On the other hand this kind of niche techno is still very young while trance stuff has been around for a long time. Who knows how the situation will be in 10 years.

Most of the Dutch men I know are interested in football. What are your thoughts on current Oranje team situation (after they failed to qualify to Euro 2016 and recent loss to Bulgaria)?
Well… adaptation to the circumstances could be an issue for sure. Louis had a solid strategy in Brazil for this. Build a real team and fight hard for every inch on the field instead of just do everything half way. This will bring you nothing in the end. Let’s see what happens, it’s not over yet, it’s never too late!

Have you ever been to Lithuania? Do you happen to know/hear something about the country?
It will be my first time actually. I have heard some very good things about the development in nightlife and honestly, I can’t wait.


Let’s meet on Big Friday at T-Phase event.

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