This Friday Claudio PRC is coming to Pelėda club in Vilnius to start their series of event dedicated to deep music called T-Phase. It’s going to be Claudio’s exclusive album tour and also exclusive date in Vilnius for 2017. So, don’t hesitate to come over.

Meanwhile let’s have a small chat with this modest Italian.

Hello Claudio, thanks for taking the time to do this interview. What are you up to now?
Hello, thanks, it’s a pleasure! I am recently traveling for the new album tour, Volumi Dinamici, the LP was out last January on Semantica Records and I am promoting it in Europe and overseas, now I am just come back from my first trip in South Africa where I’ve performed in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

You moved to Berlin recently. What were the motifs to do so?
I moved here almost 3 years ago, I’ve dedicated myself completely to the music and art, and Berlin it was and still is my favorite place where to develop and improve my work.

10 years have passed since you started to produce music. How would you describe your artistic way through this period? Are there any lessons learned that you would like to share?
It has always been a time of movements and transitions which shaped the sound that I’ve reached now. I’ve started from a very little place that definitely influenced me to find a certain type of techno and electronic music, more deeper, which I’ve worked on it since the beginning. During the years I’ve experimented in different fields of music collaborating with great artists with whom I’ve shared a lot of important experiences as well as the traveling and the discovery of new countries, I’ve learned that the environment around me makes a big impact to the music that I am doing and the main big lesson is always to be patient, I am always working on the sound and developing my skills, so the way is still long.

After your successful debut Inner State LP on Prologue you released two albums together with Andrea Deplano as The Gods Planet. Only then you came up with sophomore solo album as Claudio PRC. This scenario somehow reminds me of Nicolas Jaar and Darkside case. What is the secret of going this way?
For me sometimes is necessary to go away a bit from what I do as solo, to experiment more and to be able to keep a natural and easy approach to the music. As TGP with Andrea we always wanted it and we always felt comfortable with each other and especially inspired. At the same time we have always been able to bring this inspiration to our solo projects too but keeping the right distances.

Do music studies in Cagliari University influenced your mindset and production approach?
Yes, they definitely did, a lot of course, they learned me how to give as much as possible prospective to the music, that was a big lesson.

How does the process of composing and producing music differ when you are alone and together with Ness, UNC or RVO? Are you for example exchanging ideas via e-mails or sitting together at the mixing desk?
I prefer always to make music together in the studio. I’ve experienced in the past to make music via internet let’s say, sometimes worked out other times not that much, so the feeling I have collaborating with another artist together sitting in the same studio is completely different, it’s a natural and transparent moment of sharing and combining ideas.

What’s the logic behind releasing new album on Semantica Records and not on your own TGP label?
I was waiting since long to have the right project to release on this great label since I’ve get in touch with Enrique (Svreca) a couple of years ago. After sometimes I was finally able to make a right contribute to Semantica, when Volumi Dinamici comes out I immediately thought that it was just perfect for it, Svreca agreed too.

How come techno artists like you or Luigi Tozzi end up booked on festivals like Boom, Ozora or MoDem (which are mainly psy-trance festivals) in your opinion? Is it only because of hypnotic/psychedelic element your music has?
There are a lot of feature in common between the style that the artist that you mentioned – and other more – and the concepts in some of these festivals, especially what they propose on their chill out or alternative stages. I can see very well this hypnotic approach in these context, especially a certain kind of techno played in outdoor locations.

Have you ever thought about the fact that Italians had always dominated the dance scene? Since Giogrio Moroder and Ricchi e Poveri in seventies; Toto Cutugno and Al Bano & Romina Power in the eighties; Cappella, Datura, Usura in the nineties; and now we have this deep/dark army on top with names like Dino Sabatini, Giorgio Gigli, Donato Dozzi… How would you explain this phenomenon?
(…and I was not even mentioning Madonna and Sabrina)
Ahahah this a quite strange comparison, I think all of them belong to different worlds.

What can we expect from you DJ set on 10th of March in Pelėda, Vilnius?
I will perform a dj set with some tunes of the new album plus more and more new and old techno music.

It’s going to be your third time in Lithuania, if I’m not mistaken. What are your memories about the country so far?
Yes, I had great times both the times, first at Supynes Festival and then at Resolute party, I enjoyed the time in Vilnius, so I’m really looking forward!

See you on the dancefloor.

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