David Palumbo gimė 1982 Marquette miestelyje Mičigano valstijoje. Užaugo tapytoju ir iliustatoriumi. Labiausiai už viską jam patinka piešti šiknas.

Dirbo su tokiais klientais kaip: Ace books, Blizzard entertainment, Dark Horse Comics, Heavy metal, Lucasfilm, Marvel entertainment, Night Shade books, Roadrunner Records, Rolling stone Italia, Science fiction book club, Scientific American, VH1…


Apie save kalba taip:

I’ve always held a fascination with narrative images. Discovering and interpreting stories and information through pictures is a way to bypass the clumsy language part of our head and speak to and from the emotions inside. It’s a way to express ideas that are bigger than words and give significance to ideas which would sound trivial when said aloud. An idea expressed as an image becomes universal and adaptable to every person. In my paintings, I’m able to reshape the world. To translate emotional memories and nostalgias into the tactile and tangible. To render my figures and landscapes with an atmosphere of empathy and understanding. In doing this, the scenes that I paint take on the qualities of a dream. Colors and forms melt together and extraneous details are lost. Through open brush strokes and fragmenting textures, my narratives are put through a soft focus to encourage the viewer to participate on a deeper level. I want the viewer to fill in all of the open questions with their own answers and discover a reflection of their own self, just as each piece began as a reflection of mine.


David_Palumbo_-_2008_Anna_01 David_Palumbo_-_2008_Anna_03 David_Palumbo_-_2008_Heather_01 David_Palumbo_-_2008_Janette_09 David_Palumbo_-_2008_Red David_Palumbo_-_2009_Angela_02 David_Palumbo_-_2009_Angela_04 David_Palumbo_-_2009_Angela_05 David_Palumbo_-_2009_Angela_09 David_Palumbo_-_2009_Angela_13 David_Palumbo_-_2009_Anna_11 David_Palumbo_-_2009_Dena_11 David_Palumbo_-_2009_Hush David_Palumbo_-_2009_Janette_12 David_Palumbo_-_2009_Janette_16 David_Palumbo_-_2009_Janette_17 David_Palumbo_-_2009_Janette_23 David_Palumbo_-_2009_Janette_24 David_Palumbo_-_2009_Julz_06 David_Palumbo_-_2009_Julz_15 David_Palumbo_-_2009_Mary_04 David_Palumbo_-_2009_Mary_05 David_Palumbo_-_2009_Mary_09 David_Palumbo_-_2009_Mary_12 David_Palumbo_-_2009_Randi_08 David_Palumbo_-_2009_Randi_10 David_Palumbo_-_2009_Sparkle David_Palumbo_-_2009_Tiki David_Palumbo_-_2010_Angela David_Palumbo_-_2010_Julz_17 David_Palumbo_-_2010_Julz_19 David_Palumbo_-_2010_Mary_16 David_Palumbo_-_2010_Stephie_09 David_Palumbo_-_2011_Janette_30 David_Palumbo_-_2011_Stephie_01 David_Palumbo_-_2011_Stephie_14 David_Palumbo_-_2011_Stephie_18 David_Palumbo_-_2011_Stephie_21 David_Palumbo_-_2012_Janette_31

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