Rhiannon Schneiderman – jauna (23) fotografė-feministė iš Floridos bandanti savaip kovoti su „krūmais“ ir kitokiomis patyčiomis apie madas „ten žemiau“ bei jų poreikį apskritai.

Lady Mane užvadintoje serijoje ji pozavo pati. Kažko prikalbėjo apie tai anglų kalba (žr. žemiau, tingiu verst). Jei tokių kaip ji atsiras daugiau – pradėsiu mėgti feministes.

The Lady Manes is a series of eight self-portraits. In each image I’m standing in your typical feminine pose in an outfit or article of clothing, and I’ve accessorized each outfit with its own unique, stylized ‘Lady Mane.’ A ‘Lady Mane’ is just a somewhat empowering pseudonym for a bunch of pubes, a “bush,” your “hair down there”… And that’s what the series was about for me: empowerment. I can’t really pinpoint any one source of inspiration for the project because it really was a culmination of so many things going on at the time; I’d moved to and lived in Daytona Beach, the armpit of Florida and possibly all of civilization, for almost two years (for school) during which time I’d witnessed and been subject to some pretty amazingly sexist ordeals. I was moving more into my hardcore feminist phase, which I think every lesbian in their 20’s goes through, and just so happened to have a hardcore feminist, fine-arts-major professor who had been giving me a semester of the most intense and life-altering class critiques I’d ever experienced. I’d been introduced to Cass Bird’s “Rewilding”, an amazing body of work that continues to influence me. All of these things, and maybe a few Lady Gaga songs, were inspiration enough to create a series that kind of laughed at conventional gender norms. I wanted to tell people that they were ridiculous, make them uncomfortable for a change. I wanted to challenge femininity and the objectification of women that is still so incredibly prevalent in society. I guess it was my way of saying, “Fuck you. Enough is enough.”

Rhiannon_Schneiderman_-_Lady_Mane_01 Rhiannon_Schneiderman_-_Lady_Mane_02 Rhiannon_Schneiderman_-_Lady_Mane_03 Rhiannon_Schneiderman_-_Lady_Mane_04 Rhiannon_Schneiderman_-_Lady_Mane_05 Rhiannon_Schneiderman_-_Lady_Mane_06 Rhiannon_Schneiderman_-_Lady_Mane_07 Rhiannon_Schneiderman_-_Lady_Mane_08


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