Liepos pabaigoje vėl įvyks Yaga Gathering. Tai vienas laukiamiausių redakcijos renginių. Pakalbinome keletą mums įdomių grupių, iš kurių viena – islandai Stereo Hypnosis, grosiantys chill-out arenoje. Šie islandai orientuojasi į muziką, o nedaugžodžiavimą, tačiau pažinčiai pakako. Susipažinkime.

To be honest, I did not know Stereo Hypnosis before this interview. I’ve just hit Waltzing With Enigma track and it hit me back. Wow, you’re amazing! Can you tell us about the story of Stereo Hypnosis?

Thanks we are looking forward to play at Yaga. 

Father and son – Óskar Thorarensen one of the founders of the collective Brut art group Inferno 5 (1984), Pan Thorarensen and Thorkell Atlasson form the electronic trio Stereo Hypnosis. The trio was stabilized, between field recording and photo sessions in the remote island Flatey (2006). They have an organic sound, serene and down tempo – electronic climbing the Icelandic unforgiving highlands.
Stereo Hypnosis has constructed five albums: Parallel Island, Hypnogogia, Synopsis (in collaboration with the Italian sound artist Pulse) Glossolalia & Morphic Ritual.
Pan and Oskar, have combined over forty years of musical carer in Iceland, and are well know and respected for their works. For the past six years Stereo Hypnosis have been touring various countries around the Globe. They are also leading promoters in the Icelandic Electronic scene and founders of the Extreme Chill Festival.
Þorkell has been involved in classical contemporary music and pop music from his young age. He has worked as a composer and electronic musician in Rotterdam Holland and also he studied classical guitar. His works have been performed all around Europe and America.

I’m in love with Iceland and it’s nature. Do you bring influence from it, or you are more street and city guys?

We are Village People 

Can you live from creating music, or do you have regular jobs?

We farm the land

How often do you travel to do live performances?

Every Christmas

In your music I hear some influences from Dead Can Dance, Steve Reich, Brian Eno and other oldschool ambient stuff. Is this correct? Which artists do influence you most?

Absolutely not. We have never heard about them. 

Do you have any “production schedule” of albums? When do you decide to create a new album?

Depends on the weather

Why do you chose to create an ambient music?

We like waiting at Airports

How do you come up with nature sounds – like water, rain and other. Does this has any bigger meaning, despite it comes pleasant with the tranquility in your music?  

It rains a lot in our village

Most of your work is instrumental (without vocals). What do you think about instrumental music? Is more powerful for you?

We are terrible singers

How are you connected to Extreme Chill Festival? Last year Yagya told us about this small festival in Iceland.

We are the founders and the organizer of Extreme Chill 

What are your future plans for Stereo Hypnosis? Do you plan to try new musical discoveries, like changing the tempo, or try completely different approach – like, making music from field recordings.?

Tomorrow sometimes comes

What do you know about Lithuania?

The Beer Situation 

What can we expect from your performance in Yaga? 

Comfort and Joy 

Do you watch EURO2016? Are you supporting your team?

Yes, Áfram Ísland !!!


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