I am (was, actually) a big fan of Brigant Moloch and Wilhelm Herich work. I saw Genocide Organ live performance in Vilnius back in 2007 and it was one of the most outstanding experiences in noise/power electronics scene that I have ever witnessed (you can read my report here).


So, I wanted to thank guys from Ke/Hil that they took their time and agreed to answer interview questions. I am very glad that Brigant and Wilhelm were extremely comprehensive. It took them a month.

Please, enjoy this exclusive interview.


01. What is the difference between the messages that bring Anenzephalia, Genocide Organ and Ke/Hil projects? Why do you need “one more project”?



02. What’s the point of power electronics? How would you explain to my grandma that it’s not just a random noise?



03. What is your most memorable live show (as Anenzephalia, G.O., Ke/Hil whatever…) and why?



04. Please name your two most inspiring persons of all time (one dead/one alive). Why them?



05. What are your top 3 favorite movies of all time?



06. What political party did you support on the latest elections in Germany?



07. What is the best format to release power electronics/noise/dark ambient (mc, cd, lp, digital…) and why?



08. How’s Tesco doing these days? Is it profitable to run a label?



09. Tesco is collaborating (exchanges mailorder items at least) with Autarkeia, as far as I know. Do you happen to have any favorite Lithuanian artists?



Go see then live tonight at Kablys!

Bangos Interviu Sūru Ze Džermans

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